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Critical Acclaim

Liverpool Noise

A lonely piano and an emotionally charged voice: this was my introduction to the music of Helen Maw with her latest compositional offering Playing With Fire. And how refreshing it was to hear a different approach than the usual acoustic singer-songwriter offering that perhaps Liverpool’s musical heritage subconsciously encourages. 
With minimal production – again a great decision because this song needs little enhancement – Maw visits those romantic themes that are universal to us all, and her beautiful voice manages to add to its visceral intensity. Indeed, the last verse of her well-crafted lyric adds a satisfying denouement to this musical experience. After the dark of night there is always a dawn that can lead to rebirth, positivity and strength: sometimes it is just down to us. 
With Playing With Fire, Helen Maw exhibits the credentials of a burgeoning singer-songwriter talent that we would be wise to keep a close eye on. Her quality is evident for all to hear. 
And you heard it here first.

Alive and Gigging

Playing With Fire is a piano based ballad, it has a strong orchestral arrangement, with the addition of strings and percussion used throughout the song helping magnify the poignant heartbreaking lyrics which are sung from an achingly personal perspective.
The simple arrangement suits the track, it creates an engaging melody which then allows the outstanding vocals to shine through. Helen sings very emotional and heartfelt lyrics which describe the break up of a relationship and the need to define oneself, the opening verse perfectly describes that pull another person may hold on you when she sings “now you said you wanted me too, you said you wanted me more but what did you want me for, I can barely breathe without you, when you’re gone I feel empty too, so what are we gonna do”.
and that sense of being unable to break free from a relationship comes to the fore in the chorus with the words “cos you got me locked up in chains and you got me wanting to stay, like I can’t be real without you”.
Playing With Fire is a great song and should continue to attract attention from local and national radio, give it a listen and enjoy the brilliant vocals of Helen Maw, it’s certainly a name to remember as her reputation as an artist will only grow with outstanding tracks like this.


‘Playing With Fire’ Helens brand new single features three part harmonies and a stunning orchestral arrangement. Fervently delivered vocals with rousing strings and percussion throughout the song lending a deeper meaning to the music. Make no mistake, this isn't just another sentimental ballad from a heart that's been scorned. This is a woman who's hit rock bottom emotionally and is rising as the Phoenix from the ashes, with greater strength and a much greater sense of self.

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